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Buy Property In Sandton With RJD Properties

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An estate agency is an estate agency is an estate agency, right? Wrong. If you deal with RJD Properties, you are not dealing with an estate agency; you are dealing with a personal property brokerage. So, if you are looking for property in Sandton or the rest of Gauteng, you have come to the right place. For buying, renting or selling property in Sandton, RJD is your first port of call.

South Africa’s property market is very traditional, so RJD’s personalised approach is rather unorthodox and certainly not the usual old fare. At RJD, we have realised since our inception that our greatest resource is people. To us, it is all about people and relationship building; it has become the cornerstone of our establishment. We endeavour to get to know the people that reside in the areas where we are active, building personal relationships and getting to know their needs in the property market. This helps us to respond pro-actively with the right property at the right time.

You will find it easy to search for property. On our homepage, you will find the “Buying” and “Renting” search functions – you do not even have to click through to a special search page to access them. Select you requirements from the drop-down menus and the system will return search results that meet you criteria. If you had seen the property you are searching for in a newspaper advertisement, enter the reference number of the advertisement in the required field and that result will be returned without having to search for it.

RJD Properties can assist you with buying or renting property in Sandton, Johannesburg or the rest of Gauteng. Experience personal service on a whole new level. Contact us today.

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