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Johannesburg Property Company With A Personal Approach

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There are a few South African television soap operas that portray certain suburbs in Johannesburg as a place where everyone knows each other on a personal level. You’ll see the various people greet each other on the walkways, welcome strangers to their suburb and even close business deals in coffee shops. The personal brokers at RJD Properties will fit in perfectly into this world (just minus all the drama). It’s not any Johannesburg property company whose brokers get recognised in their suburbs and greeted when they enter the local florist or bakery.

At RJD Properties we strive to form a personal relationship with every homeowner in the areas where we operate. You could say that we are the only Johannesburg property company who follows a personal approach and you can see this on our website under the “Our Team” section. We have dedicated personal property brokers for each area in Gauteng and you can also familiarise yourself with each person as there is a photo and short biography about each individual.

Our close relationships are not just aimed at our clients but also internally in the company. We strive to work together as teams and not just as individuals. Our ongoing training and modern management methods also encourages everyone at RJD Properties to think outside of the box when it comes to client relationships and the property market.

Why settle for a traditional estate agent when you can use the superior services of a Johannesburg property company that will go out of their way to build a personal relationship with you; even if it means making small talk about what is happening in our local television soap operas. You can speak to a personal broker right now when you contact RJD Properties and discuss if you want to buy, rent or sell property.

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