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Consult RJD Properties For A Flat To Buy In Johannesburg

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Consult RJD Properties’ website today if you are looking for a flat to buy in Johannesburg, Pretoria or the rest of Gauteng.  At RJD, we are property experts with a difference, because we do not follow traditional estate agent convention.  In fact, we call ourselves personal property brokers and this will give you a clue as to our approach: personal, pro-active, efficient – and distinctly different.

It does not matter if you are looking for a stand, a duplex, a house or a flat to buy in Johannesburg or Pretoria; we are there to assist you.  Visit us at our premises in Morningside, Johannesburg or dial 011 884 0600 for immediate, friendly assistance by one of our professional personal property brokers.  If you simply want to browse our properties, visit our website and select your suburb and preferred price range from the drop-down menus and search away.  You will notice that there is a reference number with all our property advertisements that appear in the print media; you can enter that reference number in the Reference Search field to browse directly to the property in question.

RJD’s personal approach is the key to our philosophy.  We endeavour to get to know all the residents in our areas personally; similarly, we emphasise personal relationship building between teams within our own organisation as well.  This personal approach allows us to be pro-active in the rendering of our services and present you with a property solution at the drop of a hat.

Do not despair if you are looking for a flat to buy in Johannesburg and you have no idea where to start looking.  RJD Properties can help you today.  Contact us today.

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