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Flats For Sale In Northcliff

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A Large Variety Of Flats For Sale In Northcliff

If you enjoy the lock up and go lifestyle or just want to enjoy a leafy and laid back suburb without the hassle of looking after a garden the perhaps you should be looking for flats for sale in Northcliff. Northcliff is an upper middle income suburb in Johannesburg that has something for everyone, for those who are moving from a larger house to a flat due to children moving out or for the young at heart who want to be close to the action but don’t want the expense and responsibility of a house.

Flats for sale in Northcliff come in a wide variety of different styles, some ultra modern and some (which are sometimes larger) that were built decades ago. Northcliff has something for everyone and those on the lookout for flats for sale in this area will be rewarded for their patience with a housing solution that suits their individual requirements. Property prices in Northcliff have also shown good returns on investment so the savvy investor should also be on the lookout for bargains when it comes to flats for sale in Northcliff.

Northcliff is also close to a variety of different amenities. The suburb has a number of both primary and high schools which make it attractive to those with children In addition Northcliff is also close to Cresta shopping centre which has a variety of different entertainment options ranging from world class restaurants, to fast food outlets and cinemas. Cresta also has a variety of specialist shops and supermarkets for those daily needs.

The views from Northcliff can be spectacular, especially on summer evenings just after the afternoon shower which clears the air so that many residents in the suburb are offered extensive views over parts of the city. This makes Northcliff extremely attractive to those who want to entertain. Those in the market for Northcliff apartments for sale should also take into account the proximity of major highways to the suburb. These arteries offer easy access to other parts of Johannesburg such as Sandton. The Johannesburg CBD is also within a few minutes’ drive from Northcliff as is the cosy, bohemian lifestyle of Melville.

Northcliff is also close to Northgate shopping centre which can offer an alternative to Cresta as a retail option. In addition there are many new malls that have recently been built close to Northcliff which can make shopping a pleasure.

If you would like further information on flats for sale in Northcliff, then contact us.

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Flats for sale in Northcliff
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