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Apartments To Rent Rivonia

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Tenant And Landlord Responsibilities For Apartments To Rent In Bryanston

How The Consumer Protection Act Affects Apartments To Rent In Rivonia

It is very important to understand and familiarise yourself with the new Consumer Protection Act with regards to letting your apartments to rent in Rivonia. The Consumer Protection Act is mainly designed to protect the rights of your tenant but there are many ways in which you can benefit too.

The Consumer Protection act your prospective tenants have the right to an early cancellation. This means that when you let your apartments to rent in Rivonia your tenant has the right to cancel the lease agreement at any time by giving you, the landlord, 20 business days written notice of the cancellation. But there is good news for you the landlord, this will come about that if your tenant cancels the fixed lease agreement after the 20 business days notice, you the landlord may by law charge a reasonable cancellation penalty.

The Minister who has prescribed these laws in accordance with hiring out apartments to rent in Rivonia, has stated that in the Regulations to the Act that the reasonable penalty that you the landlord may charge may not exceed ten percent of the amount that would have been payable by the tenant over the remainder of the lease agreement in place. This should include outstanding rentals due by the tenant, as well as the cost of water, electricity and services. You as a landlord should therefore need to ensure that there is a clause in place within the lease agreement regarding the cancellation fee. This clause should state that in the event of your tenant cancelling the lease in terms of the Consumer Protection Act before its expiry date, the tenant agrees to pay you the landlord a cancellation penalty of ten percent of the rentals and other amounts that the tenant would have paid over the remaining fixed terms of the lease agreement.

 Be well informed about new laws regarding letting out your Apartments to rent in Rivonia and contact us for more information.


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