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Bryanston Property For Sale

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The Transfer Process For A Bryanston Property For Sale

Once you have decided to put your Bryanston property up for sale it is also important to understand the process that follows after the sale of your property. A reputable agency will be able to guide you through the transfer process. The transfer process deals with the way in which the property is changed from your name into the purchaser’s name and involves a series of steps and can take anything from eight to twelve weeks.

The agency that you will be using to sell your Bryanston property for sale will assist you in obtaining the initial payment from the purchaser, as well as all necessary documentation, such as Identity documents, etc. Your agent will then ensure that the purchaser’s bond application (if applicable) is completed by a mortgage bond consultant and forwarded to the chosen financial institution. Your chosen agent will in addition distribute copies of the agreement of sale to all relevant parties involved in your property for sale. You will furthermore receive assistance with arrangements regarding a property valuation by the bank or financial institution assessors, while monitoring the bond application right up until its approval.

You will need an electrical and beetle certificate (where necessary) so your agent should be able to assist you in having an inspection done for you, in order to acquire certification. Make sure that your agent is in constant contact with the attorneys concerning your Bryanston property for sale, until the transfer documents are lodged at the Deeds Office. Your agent will have communication with the conveyancing attorney until your property is registered and the purchase price has been received. A dependable agency should be able to preform all these duties for you, ensuring the transfer process for your property for sale goes as efficiently as possible.

To get a better understanding of how an estate agent can assist you with the efficient transfer of your Bryanston property for sale, please contact us.



Bryanston Property for Sale
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