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Apartments To Rent Bryanston

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Tenant And Landlord Responsibilities For Apartments To Rent In Bryanston

You need to be aware of the responsibilities that you will incur as the owner of an apartment to rent in Bryanston. Make sure you understand that when you become a landlord there are certain responsibilities you need to uphold towards your prospective tenant. In terms of the Rental Housing Act the following is regarded as implied terms of any Agreement of Lease, regardless whether it is stated in the Agreement.

You being the landlord must furnish your tenant with a written receipt for all payments received from your tenant while residing in your apartments to rent in Bryanston. The receipt must be dated and indicate the address of the apartment, the reason payment is made, and the period for which the payment is made. The deposit received from your tenant for the apartments to rent must be paid into an interest bearing account and the interest accrues to the tenant.

You as a landlord have obligations towards your tenant not to discriminate against him or her on grounds of race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic or social origin, colour, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.

Your prospective tenant also needs to fulfil certain obligations towards you, the landlord, regarding your apartments to rent in. These obligations will include paying the rental amount or any other property related charges that are due promptly and regularly.

The tenant, upon termination of the lease needs to return the property in a good state of repair, and to pay compensation claimed for any damage done to the property by him or her, a member of the household, or a visitor. You the landlord and your tenant will need to conduct a pre-inspection of the apartment to rent as well as an inspection once the property has been vacated.

Know what you and your tenant’s obligations and responsibilities are when it comes to your apartments to rent in Bryanston simply by contacting us.


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