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Apartments To Rent Fourways

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Lease Agreements For Apartments To Rent In Fourways

Before you sign a lease agreement or rental contract when deciding to occupy an apartment to rent in Fourways make sure that either the landlord or the agent explains everything within the contract to you. Once you sign a contract it becomes a legally binding document, so it is crucial that you understand its contents before you agree to and sign one.

Your lease agreement must state the duration of the contract over which you will be renting the property. Make sure you find out whether your water and lights bill are included or excluded from the rental amount. The landlord or the agency must furnish you with information of what will become your liability when deciding to reside in an apartment to rent in Fourways. Usually you will be responsible for the maintenance of the inside of the premises, the garden and swimming pool, if there is one. The interior of the apartment will include things like door handles, locks, keys, glass, mirrors, light bulbs, window fasteners, and water taps. You will also be required to take good care of all paintwork and fitted carpets, making sure that they are in good condition when you move out.

Always ensure that you conduct a pre-inspection of the premises with the landlord. A pre-inspection is done prior to moving in and lists any items that are broken or defective in the apartments to rent. Once you have moved in you legally have seven days to submit the landlord or the agency with a list of defects. After seven days it is deemed that everything is in good working order and anything that may be wrong, you the tenant will be become liable for while occupying apartments to rent.

If you are interested in apartments to rent in Fourways please feel free to contact us today.


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