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Apartments For Sale Fourways

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Choose A Certified Agent For Your Apartments For Sale In Fourways

Make sure you choose the right agent to sell your apartment for sale in Fourways. One of the main deciding factors that should affect your choice in an agent is whether you can develop a good relationship with him or her.  A good agent should be able to answer and help you with any questions you may have on the process of selling your apartment for sale and be available to you at all times.

A reputable agency will make sure that their agents are kept up to date with ongoing training regarding the laws on property and changing interest rates. Property agents must be registered with the EAAB (Estate Agency Affairs Board). Once registered with EAAB the property consultant needs to acquire an estate agent’s fidelity fund certificate. This certificate is renewable annually, and an estate agent is not allowed to practice without it. Your agent should supply you with a valid certificate before marketing your apartments for sale. When it comes to selling your apartment your agent will inform you on how and when things should happen. Your agent should be capable of the best strategy on how to market your apartment for sale in Fourways.

You will need to supply your agent with a copy of the body corporate rules as well as a set of code and conduct rules. This will assist your agent on the does and don’ts when finding a potential buyer for your apartments for sale. Rates and levies amounts must be given to your agent and it is advisable to have this up to date before putting your apartments up for sale. Your agent must also have a passion for the property market and be clued up on property trends within the market place, ensuring success on selling your apartments.

To find out more on choosing the right agency to sell your apartments for sale in Fourways, please contact us.


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