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Apartments to Rent Bryanston

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When Looking For Apartments to Rent Consider Bryanston

While accommodation to the South of Johannesburg as well as in the East and West Rand Areas is now far more accessible as the result of the improvement to the roads serving the Greater Johannesburg Region, old habits appear to die hard. Today, there are still a great number of property seekers that prefer to look to the north of the city for houses and apartments to rent or purchase, favouring locations such as Bryanston, Sandton and Rivonia.

Said to have taken its name from either a village in the UK or a well-known square in The Westminster area of London, the first of these three areas has long been regarded as ranking among the wealthier and more up-market of the city’s suburbs. Today many of its larger properties now provide the executive accommodation for CEOs and senior management of some of the many huge corporates that have established their offices in one of its well-appointed business parks. The newest of these parks and named simply “The Campus” is home to IT giants Microsoft and Dimension Data and the leading international pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline to name just three.

Not all those who may propose to take up residence in this suburb will be intending to purchase and neither are they necessarily looking for oversized dwellings that require more than the minimum of upkeep. Today’s busy people often prefer the low-maintenance and convenience typical of apartments while still preferring to rent in a northern community such as Bryanston.

RJD Properties is a company that is very widely known and respected in the housing market both by its clients and by its peers and particularly for its services in the northern suburbs. Its well-deserved reputation has been earned over a period of some 23 years. Though it is very active in house sales, the agency also operates a strong letting department, staffed by specialised agents that are well versed in all of the legal requirements that are incumbent upon both landlords and tenants. This expertise makes RJD an ideal choice to locate just the right accommodation for your needs and to finalise a satisfactory lease on your behalf.

As a property owner wishing to lease your premises to a suitable tenant, the firm can be relied upon to make the necessary reference and credit checks, arrange the pre-tenancy inspection and draw up a leasing agreement that defines fully the conditions of occupation in exchange for its once off fee. Tenancies may then be managed on an ongoing basis for a small commission if desired or left to the owner to manage personally once occupation has been confirmed.

The former service offers certain distinct advantages for the lessor. The arrangement transfers the responsibility for most of the ongoing routine management tasks to the agent, such as ensuring that all rental amounts due are paid in full and on time as well as payments for utilities such as water and lights and assessment rates where relevant. In addition, the agent will monitor any other financial responsibility for which the tenant may be cited as liable under the terms of the agreement.

Acting in the capacity of overseer RJD Properties will also ensure the upkeep of any apartment you may wish to offer for rent in Bryanston.

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