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Renting Flats

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We Make Renting Flats Easy!

If you’ve invested in property and want an agent to manage the renting of flats and houses then there are number of things you should look at before appointing an agent. Renting flats, houses and other properties is a time consuming and often headache inducing job that is best left to people in the know. If you find a letting agent that is professional and reputable you will not only get a great return on your investment you will also be able to relax and enjoy it knowing that the hard work and worry has been shouldered by someone else.

Finding A Reputable Agent For Renting Flats And Houses

When looking for an agent to manage the renting of flats and other properties it is always advisable to choose a letting agent who is a member of a professional organisation. This means that there is a code of conduct to which they have to adhere to and someone you can contact if your need to register a complaint. Personal recommendation is also a good way to find a suitable letting agency. Ask for advice from someone who has had experience with dealing with letting agents. Some agencies deal exclusively with flat letting whilst others will also rent and sell other properties. First and foremost you must feel comfortable with the letting agent you deal with. When appointing a letting agent you will have to establish what their services and fees are and what they require from you. This differs from agency to agency – so make sure you establish this up front and you are happy with the arrangements.

The RJD Property Group has years of experience in both selling and renting flats, houses and other properties in and around Johannesburg. We have established a reputation for offering the best service and advice in the industry. Above all our agents are passionate about property and what they do which is seen in every aspect of our jobs. Whether you are renting flats out and need someone to manage them or looking to buy a house, contact RJD Properties to help you.



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