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Not All Real Estate Agents Are The Same

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When you are buying, selling or renting property, the question remains whether you want to make use of the services of real estate agents or not. Yes, that does mean you have to factor commission into the price, but it also means that you get the dedicated professional services of an expert in the market that could potentially steer you clear from pitfalls and introduce you to great properties, deals and potential buyers you might not otherwise have known about. How does this way up, and is it worth it?

Through the bad business practice of a handful of individuals, real estate agents have gotten a less than pleasant reputation amongst many people, but they are still an important force within the property market. This is simply because there are still a large number of real estate agents that do offer exceptional service and who are absolutely key in matching great properties with ecstatic buyers. One such an agency is RJD Properties.

RJD properties was formed by a partnership between two of the most dynamic and focused personalities in the South African property industry, Darryl Trapido and Amanda Calder. Beverley Kroll has also joined the Board of Directors and together their vast experience in sales and marketing has attracted a dedicated team of Personal Property Brokers in Gauteng. Why Personal Property Brokers? Because we believe in taking a personal approach whereby we get to know our customers and the residents of the areas in which we operate in order to deliver great service. In essence, we strive to deliver a personal and professional service much in the same way that a personal banker does.

Through a combination of sincere, personal interest and some of the best expertise available in the market place today, we aim to add value to your property transaction in such a way that you truly benefit from making use of our service. So, whether you want to buy, sell or rent a house, if you are looking for real estate agents who truly deliver great service, contact us at RJD Properties. We are at your service.

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